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The Record staff relies upon Catholics from around the Archdiocese of Louisville to share what’s happening in their parishes, schools and Catholic organizations. We write each week about the good work of the people of the archdiocese in feature stories, news stories, calendar listings and news briefs. For more information, click here.

Wedding Anniversaries:

The Record also prints wedding anniversary announcements for couples celebrating 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years or more of marriage. For more information about submitting this information, click here.

Bridal announcements:

Engaged couples may also announce their plans to marry in the Bridal Issue, printed twice a year. For more information about this, click here.

Photo submissions:

The Record would like to show the world what makes your local parish special.

Open to professionals and amateurs, The Record invites you to submit high resolution digital photographs of the special places or moments that make your parish interesting and unique, including landscapes, architectural details or religious sites worth exploring, as captured through your lens. For more information, click here.

Letters to the editor and comments on our website:

Letters to the editor may be submitted to the editor, Glenn Rutherford, by sending an email to grutherford@archlou.org.

A note about our policy: The Record only publishes letters to the editor, website comments, advertising or columns that are consistent with the fundamental beliefs (Creed) and authoritative teaching (Catechism) of the Catholic Church. We will not run letters that disagree with the Holy See. The editor will consider letters to the editor that disagree with The Record’s coverage or that disagree about practical issues or administrative decisions of the church. Letters that criticize an individual will not be considered for publication.


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