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The Record is located in the Maloney Center:
1200 S. Shelby St., Louisville, Ky., 40203.

Main phone: 502-636-0296
General email: record@archlou.org

News Staff:

Marnie McAllister, editor: mmcallister@archlou.org

Jessica Able, reporter: jable@archlou.org

Advertising — 502-471-2125

For advertising inquiries, contact Jennifer Jenkins, director of advertising: jjenkins@archlou.org.

Additional ad contacts:

Kathy Augustine, sales support manager: kat@archlou.org

Rachell Rauh, sales assistant: rrauh@archlou.org


Phone: 502-585-3291

Terri Udelhoven: tudelhoven@archlou.org

10 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Thank you so very much for the beautiful article related to prison ministry.There are so many lives who are touched by incarceration and the ministry is one that is so necessary to a healthy community- 95% of the persons who are incarcerated will reenter the community.
    Love, Peace & Joy
    Cheri Hall
    Coordinator Prison, Jail & Reentry Ministry, Catholic Charities

  2. Please remove my name from your mailing list. Thank you

  3. Please send an email to record@archlou.org with your name and address.

  4. My name is Scott Mulhall and I am a coach at St. Andrews Academy. The St. Andrew and Notre Dame Academies combined this year for 5/6 grade baseball to compete in the CSAA league. The result was a city championship. I would like to get something posted in The Record (I would like to submit a short snippet, a roster, and a few photos) if possible. How do I go about doing that?

  5. Please email information to record@archlou.org. Thanks!

  6. please add me to the mailing list

  7. You can receive The Record for free if you are registered at a parish in the Archdiocese of Louisville. Your parish can submit your name and address to our circulation manager. If you aren’t a member of a parish here, visit our subscription page: https://therecordarchlou.wordpress.com/subscribe/

  8. I am looking for a recent article on cremation that I read about two months ago. Is there a way I can get a copy of that article? My father’s remains will be returned to us soon from U of L’s medical school. I would like to read this again to make sure proper handling of the remains is done. patrice wickerham

  9. i read with interest fr ron knott’s recent article about an exp with a poor person in the self-check out line at a krogers. the guy was a dollar short of being able to purchase his meager items.

    when he asked to borrow the dollar, fr ron rebuffed him.

    fr. ron later repented and made amends.

    a while back i was in the drive-thru at a McDonalds. the line was bk’d way up so i decided to pray for those in need while waiting. during part of my prayer i said “help me to see Jesus in others, and be Jesus to others.”

    just then there was a knock on my car window. a homeless man held out his hand in a request for assistance. i was startled, distrustful, and annoyed. i waved him off.

    he shrugged “o well” and moved on.

    a second later i came to my senses and thought “omg what have i done?”

    i was praying to “see Jesus in others” but when confronted with one brushed him off?

    i too felt like the biggest phony, fake, and hypocrite.

    i circled bk around to find the man but he was gone.

    i prayed out loud “God give me another chance and i’ll make it up to You.”

    a couple days later i saw a person in a wheel chair on a street corner holding out a can, and asking for money.

    i didnt walk; i ran to the person and stuffed their can full of cash.

    i learned a lesson that day.

    faith, prayer, etc is all just personal belief and abstract notions……unless and until you act on them.

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